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Dear supporters,


Since 1980, Jesuit Refugee Service has been accompanying, serving, and advocating the cause of refugees and forcibly displaced people. We’ve walked with refugees through incredibly difficult traumas, persecution, war, and displacement. We’ve seen refugees retain hope against all odds, learned from their resilience, and celebrated in their successes.


During 2019, our teams continued this journey. Jesuit Refugee Service/USA provided pastoral services to detained migrants across the country, mobilized support for refugees around the world, and advocated for the right to education for refugees. 


The world is now facing great, unprecedented challenges, and our journey to accompany refugees and displaced people continues to be critically important. We will accompany the most vulnerable in our world, now made even more vulnerable, advocate for their rights, and do everything we can to provide a hopeful future. 


For the last 40 years, today, and tomorrow, we will walk with the forcibly displaced. Thank you for your continued support and for being our companions on this journey.


With gratitude,

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Our Journey Then


40 years ago, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J., then Superior General of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), saw images of “the boat people” fleeing war in Vietnam. He was moved and felt compelled to respond. Fr. Arrupe, S.J. called on his Jesuit brothers around the world to respond to all refugees and forcibly displaced people. The response became Jesuit Refugee Service, and since that time, JRS has been accompanying, serving, and advocating for refugees and displaced people.


It has been a journey through the tears of the boat people of Vietnam, the killing fields of Cambodia, the silent march of millions in Africa, the war and destruction in Iraq and Syria, the unrest and instability in Colombia and then Venezuela, the gang violence in the Northern Triangle of Central America, and the treacherous waters of the Mediterranean. It has been a road filled with shared sorrow and pain, but also reconciliation and joy.

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1. James Martin.tif

For me, accompaniment means coming to know people as individuals, rather than as a group or a category. Of course, it’s important for us to advocate for refugees, migrants, and internally displaced people as a group, particularly today. But real accompaniment means spending time with them, the way Jesus spent time with people.”

Fr. James Martin, S.J.

acclaimed author and

editor-at-large of America Media


JRS’s impact on my life has been gradual because they did not want to do for me, but with me.

Claudine Leary,

director of development at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, executive director and co-founder of Watoto Read, and former refugee

3. Alain.png

My JRS teachers and the staff supported me and gave me power. They would tell me, “Hey, you can lead this.” I gained confidence and leadership skills.

Alain Tenta,

former refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who lived for 10 years in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, where he helped found Salama Africa, an art center for refugee youth and attended a JRS-run secondary school.


Our Journey Now

2019 was an important year for JRS/USA. We continued to respond to the growing needs of refugees and served more people than ever before. Our commitment to education, reconciliation, advocacy, and livelihoods was our priority as we walked with forcibly displaced people over the last year. 


Education is not only a critical part of the emergency response when people are forced to flee, but quality education also ensures that refugees are able to access security, hope, and economic opportunities.

Global Education Initative

In 2019, your support helped JRS to successfully complete our Global Education Initiative (GEI) campaign a year early. Our goal was to increase the number of people globally served in our education and livelihoods programs from 150,000 to 250,000 and raise an additional $35 million for this work and for necessary institutional strengthening by the end of 2020. At the end of 2019, we were educating and training 359,175 people throughout the world, and we had raised $41 million toward our goals.


The GEI launched several significant educational programs and initiatives that we intend to sustain through your assistance. 

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I am the voice of many

refugee children

Dr. Mireille Twayigira

Full of Hope

Raising awareness for refugee education needs was also an important part of our work in 2019. Mireille Twayigira, JRS’s Refugee Education Advocate, is a former refugee from Rwanda who benefited from JRS’s education programs and shared her story during the Full of Hope Speakers Tour. She spoke at Jesuit universities and parishes across the East Coast and the Midwest, reaching over 2,500 people, including stops at Georgetown University, Saint Joseph’s University, Fordham University, Marquette University, and Loyola University Chicago. 


Reconciliation – working together for transformation and to recreate right relationships – is an integral priority of JRS programming. As a faith-based organization, we respect the critical importance of diverse religious beliefs in providing a strong personal and communal foundation for resilience and reconciliation.

It is a privilege being able to awaken to one more day of life — to see, to smell, to pray, to feel, to be able to take a shower — in short, to be able to say that all is apparently normal. Unfortunately, there are many brothers and sisters who do not have the privilege of being able to enjoy what many, with or without intention, do not value.

a detainee at a U.S. federal detention center

peace session at school_ Maruthuvambadi.

Students participate in Channels in Peace - a program developed with support from JRS/USA donors to promote peace and reconciliation among Sri Lankan refugees living in camps in Tamil Nadu. 


It is a core component of JRS/USA’s mission to advocate with and for forcibly displaced people. In 2019, JRS/USA helped to bring the needs of refugees to the attention of policymakers in the United States and proposed specific actions to meet these needs. 

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On September 19, JRS/USA co-hosted an event on Capitol Hill featuring experts and Representative Grace Meng (D-NY) to discuss helping children and youth who have had their education disrupted by crises and conflict.

Education Cannot Wait

In December 2019, for the first time, the US government confirmed its commitment to contribute $25 million to Education Cannot Wait (ECW) in Fiscal Year 2020. ECW is a global initiative that aims to ensure access to safe, free, and quality education for all crisis-affected children and youth by 2030. JRS/USA has actively supported this initiative and advocated for its funding. In 2019, thanks to support from JRS/USA advocates and donors, JRS/USA spearheaded effort to urge the US government to fund ECW by hosting events on Capitol Hill and at the 2019 United Nations General Assembly, among other advocacy activities.

Our network makes our impact possible.

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Advocacy Day opened my eyes to the fact that contrary to popular opinion, young people in this country DO have a voice in politics and can make a difference if we truly apply ourselves, and especially if we observe the example that organizations such as JRS set for us.

Alexandra Lafayette

JRS/USA 2019 Advocacy Day participant, student at John Carroll University 


It is a core component of JRS/USA’s mission to advocate with and for forcibly displaced people. In 2019, JRS/USA helped to bring the needs of refugees to the attention of policymakers in the United States and proposed specific actions to meet these needs. 

The moment you stop dreaming, that’s when you stop looking at the horizon. I feel [JRS] have my back, and that I’m not alone. Now we are ready to begin a new stage in our lives, to project ourselves into the future. I’m going to stay here; I’m going to start a business.

Venezuelan refugee who participated in JRS’s entrepreneur program in Ecuador. The program is supported by the United States Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM). 


JRS Ecuador Director, Fernando Lopez, addresses a group of refugees participating in an entrepreneurship program.


Students participate in the pathfinder program in Malawi in partnership with Konexio.


In 2019, JRS launched a new livelihoods initiative to create and support pathways to self-reliance for refugees so that they can build their own hopeful futures and become agents of positive change. The new initiative, called Pathfinder, gives refugees professional and vocational training, startup support, career services, and entrepreneurial guidance. With the support of donors to JRS/USA, in 2019, Pathfinder started two pilots in Kenya and Malawi, and has already shown signs of success and created opportunities for the refugees participating. 


Our Journey Tomorrow

In our work in 2019, we could not have predicted what has already transpired in 2020. The world has changed, and we are all forever impacted by the global pandemic, economic strife, and the recognition of systemic injustice within our own country. 

JRS/USA will continue to walk with refugees and forcibly displaced people, serve their needs, and advocate for their rights.

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01082019_Rome, Italy_Lidia Bastianich's

We each have our own way to reach a place of giving, a place of understanding – whether it is through our church or community or through policy. I think everybody can make a little difference in whatever their positions are to open the doors, to make [refugees] feel like human beings … that they be given the opportunity that I was, and ultimately start a new life, a stable life, a fulfilled life.

Lidia Bastianich

JRS/USA Anniversary Award Honoree in 2019, and Emmy award-winning public television host, best-selling cookbook author, successful restaurateur, and former refugee


Yes, you can do it! The journey is not easy, but you can meet good people along the way. I kept asking God to be with me, and I kept holding on to hope as I told myself that I could make this journey. I did it not just for myself, but for my children.


Refugee from Venezuela served by JRS Ecuador with support from U.S. Department of State Bureau for Population, Refugees, and Migration


The distinctly human word for resilience is hope. Hope is a virtue and perspective, a grace that allows us to live today believing in a future neither clear nor certain. Hope is not optimism, the dubious thinking that tomorrow will be better. Hope is born of suffering; it gives strength to the weary and brings people together to form a future known only in God’s love.

Fr. Tom Smolich, S.J.

JRS International Director

05042019_Baalbeck, Lebanon_Dar al Hanan

Our Companions

In 2019, JRS/USA contributed to the global organization serving 811,884 people in 56 countries.

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Financial Information

Funds raised through JRS/USA support programs in the United States, and are distributed to the nine Jesuit Refugee Service regions throughout the globe.

In 2019, JRS/USA sent more than $10.5 million directly to programming in over 27 countries overseas:

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Our Team

National Staff

Joan Rosenhauer

Executive Director


Samira Ahmed

Grants &
Compliance Officer


Melaku Alito

Director of Finance


Tarana Azizi

HR Administrator


Sarah Carroll

Director of Communications

Rachael Davis

Programs Officer


Anthony DiFlorio

Digital Communications Coordinator

Dickie Fischer

Programs Officer 


Lazreta Kote

Accounting and
Payroll Manager


Giulia McPherson

Director of Advocacy
& Operations

Katie Mullins

Mental Health & Psychosocial Support Specialist


Fr. Leo J. O’Donovan S.J.

Director of Mission


Robyn Philips

Development Officer, Individual Giving

Anna Pigeon




M.K. Richardson

Director of Development


Cindy Rice

Development Officer, Major Giving


Maida Rider

Data Operations Officer 


Liana Tepperman

Director of Programs


Joshua Utter

Outreach Coordinator

Detention Chaplaincy Staff

Fr. Richard, Sotelo, S.J.

Director, Detention Chaplaincy Program


Clint O’Leary

Local Facility Chaplain at Batavia Federal Detention Facility


Mireya Albino

Program Assistant at Batavia Federal Detention Facility


Rebeca Marrufo

Program Assistant at El Paso Service Processing Center 

Dave Semmens

Local Facility Chaplain at El Paso Service Processing Center 


Lynn Allvin

Local Facility Chaplain at Florence Service Processing Center 


Guillermo Dutra

Local Facility Chaplain at Krome Service Processing Center 


Adriana Tapia

Program Assistant at Krome Service Processing Center

Daniel Ortiz 

Local Facility Chaplain at Port Isabel Service Processing Center 


Reyna Cortez 

Program Assistant at Port Isabel Service Processing Center

Board of Directors

David McNulty (Chair)

Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus 


Molly Cashin 


Austin Fragomen, Jr. 

Fragomen Worldwide 


Lynn Gordon 

Madonna Mission 


Kate Howe 


Very Rev. Thomas Greene, S.J. 

Jesuits USA Central and Southern  Province


Jean-Louis Ikambana 


Very Rev. Timothy Kesicki, S.J. 

Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States 


Thomas Loughlin 

Promontory Financial Group, LLC  

Susan Martin 

Georgetown University  


Frank Mueller 

Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital 


Robert Niehaus 

GCP Capital Partners, LLC 


Mark Palmer

Tim Reidy 

America Media 


British Robinson 

The Barbara Bush Foundation 


Stephanie Russell 

Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities 


Rev. Jean Denis Saint Felix, S.J. 

Superior, Jesuits in Haiti  


Andrew Serazin 

Templeton World Charity 


Heading 4

Our Supporters


We are so grateful to the individuals, companies, and foundations on the following pages who have supported our work in 2019. Your generosity has enabled us to improve the lives of thousands of refugees throughout the globe. Support from the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States covers nearly all our fundraising expenses, allowing us to direct your contributions to JRS programs that assist people who have been forced to flee their homes. 


Adidja is a refugee from the Central African Republic who attends JRS Literacy Courses in Bertoua, Cameroon, supported by PRM. 

US Government Global Support

One of JRS/USA’s most significant partners is the US Department of State Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), from which JRS received funding to work with refugees, asylum seekers, and host communities in a variety of capacities. 


In 2019, JRS/USA received support from the U.S. Department of State for work in Cameroon, Chad, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, South Africa, South Sudan, Thailand, and Uganda. Projects included secondary education for Sudanese refugees in Eastern Chad, emergency assistance for asylum seekers in Thailand, livelihoods and child protection for Central African refugees in Cameroon, psychosocial support for Sudanese refugees in South Sudan, and shelter, health, psychosocial support, and legal assistance for displaced Venezuelans in Colombia and Ecuador. JRS/USA is grateful for the partnership and for the US government’s investment in refugees around the world.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors all those who have included JRS/USA as a beneficiary of their estate plan. In doing so, they support our important mission of accompaniment, service, and advocacy on behalf of refugees today and tomorrow.

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Anonymous (2)

Robert J. Armbruster†

Cecilia Arnold

Rita and Martin Bennett

Grace Kwak and John Billovits

Loretta J. Brady

Susan and David Brisnehan

Michael J. Burnham

Regina and Leonard Collins

Dorothy and David Crean

Rev. Msgr. William Elliott

Ron† and Pat Ferreri

Dina and James Howell-Burke

Shirley Hurta†

Mary Ellen Hyland†

Madeline and Philip Lacovara

Sebastian Lacson

Maria Leonard

Pam and Dennis Lucey

Jayne and Warren Lux

Kimberly and Michael Marsh

William C. Mathews, MD

Patrick D. McNelis

Mary Ellen Mooney†

Rev. Brian Morrow

Rev. Dr. Joseph P. Oechsle

Dita and Al Pepin


David Perry

Paula Perry

Martin Pino

Noraleen Renauer

Cindy Rice

M.K. Richardson

Len Schockling†

Mary Jane Smith†

Mary St. Ledger

Jill Szawara

Grace Kobbe Tevis†

Joyce E. Wilkinson

Robert† and Pat Willis

Arrupe Society
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Anonymous (1)

Gwendolyn and Austin Fragomen

The Frankel Family Foundation

Audry and Tom Morrow

Mara and Daniel O’Day

Loyola Society

Anonymous (1)

Dr. Bronner’s Family Foundation

Julie and Pat Garvey


Judy and Kent Newton

June T. Peters

The Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities

Dr. Anne Stericker and Dr. Thaddeus Regulinski

Tamarin Foundation

Warmenhoven Family Foundation

Watoto Read (Claudine Leary)

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Xavier Society 

Anonymous (2)

Rev. William Bergen, S.J.

Mollie and John Callagy

Elizabeth and Richard Cashin

Molly and Stephen Cashin

Nancy and David Danis

Cathrin Hetam Brisken and G. Paolo Dotto

Katie and Tom Eggemeier

GHR Foundation

Katherine and Stephen Howe

The Loyola Foundation

Monica and Frank McCourt

MGR Foundation

Sara and William Miller

Kate and Robert Niehaus

Rev. Dr. Joseph P. Oechsle

John Schubert

Melanie and Joseph Shugart

Lidia and Danilo Tramontozzi

Shirley and James Walker

Walt Disney Company

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Gonzaga Society 

Maureen Aggeler

Julia and Anthony Albrecht

Edith and Philip Altbach

Anonymous (5)

Thomas R. Beecher

Rita and Martin Bennett

J. Homer Butler Foundation

Guillermina and Michael Byrne

John Copp

William J. Curtin, III

Marion and George Curtis

Anne Dammarell

Mary J. Donnelly Foundation

Valerie Downes

Marian and John A. Elliott Foundation, Inc.

Eileen and Walter Farley

John J. Fauth

Aurora and Henry Ferrero

Betsy and Peter Forster

Generalate Missionary Franciscan Sister

The Francesco and Mary Giambelli Foundation, Inc.

Pierre Hegy

Juliann and Peter Hesed

William Hewitt

Janet and Thomas Hopkins

Jenne and Robert Hunziker

Jesuit Community, Boston College, MA

Mariann Keck

Madeline and Philip Lacovara

Kathi and Thomas Loughlin

Robert J. MacKay

Lidia Matticchio Bastianich

Margaret Maruschak

Michael McGonigle

Judy and David McNulty

Angela and Francis Mueller

Tina Canales and Greg Onken

Courtney and R. Scott Pastrick

The Lopez Larson Family Fund

Rita Rodriguez

Mary Byrne and Thomas Rogan

Stuart Rowe

The Ruesch Family Foundation

Schoellerman Foundation

Christina and Henry Shea

Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word

Soma Church

St. Ignatius Jesuit Residence

St. Ignatius Loyola Parish

Douglas M. Steenland

Lila and Brendan Sullivan

Dorothy Turek and George P. Sullivan

Jill Szawara

The Tinker Foundation, Inc.


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Canisius Society 

Suellen and Charles Adcock

Anonymous (1)

Dan Beane

Don Beck

Alberto and Olga Beeck Family Foundation

M. William Benedetto

Jane Genster and John Buckley

Kevin Burke

Mary Challinor

Connelly Foundation

Diane and Jerry Cunningham

Cheryl and Joseph Della Rosa

Michelle and Thomas Dewey

Janet and Bill Dickey

Christine Franquin

Mary C. Freund

Christopher John Fussner

Anna and Tom Gerrity

Amy and Philip Goldman

Cecilia Gordon

Steven Gross

Jean Withrow and Jim Haggerty

Hariri Foundation USA

Karen and David Hinchen

Assaad Joseph Jabre

Jesuit Community, America House, NY

Jesuit Community, Canisius, OR

Jesuit Community, Dallas, TX

Jesuit Community, Ignatius House, MD

John Carroll University Jesuit Residence

Clifford Kaehler

Christopher Joseph Kincaid

Alex Kovech

Jeanne-Marie and Ralf Kraemer

Joyce Legaz

Dorothy Light

Patricia and James Linehan

Tanya and Corrado Manuali

Catherine Lyons and Robert McCall

William M. & Miriam F. Meehan Foundation, Inc.

Therese M. Mierswa

David Miner

Emily Minton

Lisa and Tim Moran

Mary Beth and Michael Morell

Moyra and Loring Moy

New Melleray Abbey

Nanya and Efesa Origbo

Parish of the Blessed Sacrament

Katie Pearce

Dita and Al Pepin

Alfredo Perales-Puchalt

Mary and Joseph Podorsek

Suzanne Polen

Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego

Margaret and Mark Scheibe

Sisters of the Precious Blood

Thomas Slattery

Patrice and Chris Sobecki

Ana Canales and Bruce Streblow

Kathryn and Michael Trentacoste

Pieter van der Schaft

John Vatterott

Julie Anne Wagner

The Windhover Foundation

Sarah and Parker Jon Woodroof

Ronald E. Wozniak

Jaimie and Joseph Wright

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Faber Society 

Janice and Robert Billingsley

Grace Kwak and John Billovits

BNSF Railway Foundation

Patricia and John Bomalaski

Maria and Louis Bonaluto

Marianne and John Borelli

Boston College High School

Antonia and Bernard Bouillette

Michèle and James Bowe

Loretta J. Brady

William E. Braun

Bradley Charitable Fund

Susan and David Brisnehan

Kathleen Browning

The William and Mary Buckley Foundation

Sara Schulte-Bukowinski and Adam Bukowinski

Diane Burke

Ann Byrne

Josephine Cachia

Judy and Phil Cagney

Antonieta and Jorge Caicedo

Effie and James Caldarola

Creede Caldwell

Lynn Callagy

Carfagna Family Magis Foundation

Carmelite Communion, Inc.

John J. Casey

Mary Cashin

Rita Cassidy

Katherine and Jerry Castro

Catholic Health Association of the United States

Julie Cawley

Richard Celio

Susan Cesare

Angelique Chao

Clement Chee

Nancy and John Christensen

John R. Church

Church of St. Francis Xavier

Nancy Ripp Clark

Nancy and Chris Coburn

David Coffey

Columbus Citizens Foundation, Inc

Cheryl and John Coogan

Kathleen Corcoran

Rev. Jose C. Corral, S.J.

Jane and John Corrou

Julie Ann Coyle

Richard Craig Auth

The Crescent Porter Hale Foundation

Dian Curran

Page Boyette and Christopher Curtin

Frank Cutrone

Maria Dawis

Rosemary Desloge

Caroline M. Devine

Christopher Devron

Mary and Charles Donnelly

Patricia and James Drysdale

Ann and Paul Drzewiecki

Clare and John Drzewiecki

Jacqueline and Richard D’Silva

Michael Duffy

Daniel Dunn

Pjeter Dushku

Anthony Fague

Cathy Feehan

James Finn

Judith Massicot-Fisher and Geary Fisher

Tom Folan

Marilyn Jerome and John Foust

Franciscan Sisters of the Poor

Paul A. Frank

Irma and Richard Frank

Margaret and Richard Freije

Cathryn and Donald P. Freitas

Yolanda and Cutberto Garza

Mary Gehres

Georgetown Club of Naples

Georgetown University

Nancy and Charles Geschke

Margaret and Wesley Gibson

Mary Ann and Vincent Giffuni

Tracy Giles

Mary and Jim Gilroy

Jenny H. Go

Elizabeth and Robert Goeke

Claro Gomez

Gonzaga College High School

Lynn and Alan Gordon

Alan D. Gordon Family Foundation

Daniel M. Grant

The Gail and Harry Grim Foundation

Lilia and Robert Gutowski

Pierre Guyot

Darcy and John Hadjipateras

Karen Rosenblum and David Haines

Michelle Hanafiah

John B. Hanlon

Ann Hannan

Daniel Harbaugh

Deborah A. Harding

Caroline and Robert Harlow

Candace Harrington

Darlene Hart Rodgers

Healey Family Foundation

Dennis Heaphy

Heimbinder Family Foundation

Mary Ellen Heinze

Adam Henry

Marylynn and Tom Herchline

Mary Kate Hermann

Martinez Jimena and Michael Hirschhorn

James Hock

John S. Horan

Wayne P. Hubert

John K. Hurley

Linda and William Husson

Stephen Hyde

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

David Ippel

Fuad Issa

Mary Jacobs

Marie and John James

Morgan Jenkins

Loyola Jesuit Community - CA

Jesuit Community of St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Jesuit Community, College of the Holy Cross, MA

Jesuit Community, Fairfield University, CT

Jesuit Community, Immaculate Conception Parish , Albuquerque, NM

Jesuit Community, Scranton, PA

Jesuit Community, St. Joseph’s University, PA

Jesuit Community, St. Louis University 

Jesuit Community, St. Peter’s Prep, NJ

Jesuit Community, St. Xavier Dependent, OH

Jesuit Community, Walsh 

Jesuit Retreat House Oshkosh Community

Joan G. Johnson

Kapani Family Charitable Foundation

Matthew R. Katrein

Julie Keenan

Ginna and Richard Kelly

John P. Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

Janet and Edward Kenny

Christopher Kerr

Barbara and Thomas Kiernan

Mary Jo and Paul King

Edward C. Klopping

Martha and Carl Koestner

Christopher P. Konrad

Robert Koszarek

Diana Barnett Kudes

Christopher Steven Kuennen

Paul Kulha

Marcella and Robert Lachance

Jay Langhurst and Daniel Klinger

David Larson

Mary Jo Lavin

Maria Leonard

Violante Lepore

Julie and Thomas Lester

Marie and Allen L’Etoile

Nancy E. Lindsay

The Linehan Family Foundation

Darlene Jeris and John Loughlin

Audrey Louison

Clare McKeever-Lynch and Daniel J. Lynch

Mary and John Lynch

Joseph Lyons

Drew Macha

John A. Mackay

Joan Madeja

Ashley Makar

Marianne Malen

Jim and Susan Manney

Teresa and Ted Marchese

Marianist Province of the U.S.

Kimberly and Michael Marsh

Gregory Martin

Betty and Herbert Martin

Ann Marie and James Martin

Kathleen Martin

Susan and Michael Martin

Sabine Maura

Jane and Dennis McAuliffe

Barbara and Michael McCann

Catherine McCormick, MD

Mary Lou and Walter McCormick

Karen Donato and John W. McGrath

Monica Eileen McGuire

Robert McKeever

Marianne C. McKinney

Jane and James McLean

Karen McSherry

Deacon Bartholomew J. Merella

Merritty Jesuit Community at Marquette

Mark Mildebrath

Richard Miller-Murphy

Veronica and Peter Mitchell

Rev. J. Gordon Moreland, S.J.

Ann Moriarity

Mark Morsheimer

Anne Murphy

James A. Murphy

John P. Murphy

Stephen Murphy

Edward J. Neafsey

Sally and Jerry Neyer

Robert Niles

Novitiate of Saint Isaac Jogues Jesuit Center

Kathryn and Kenneth Nygaard

Jocelyn O’Brien

Marie and Mike O’Callaghan

Margaret Rafferty and Timothy O’Connor

Patrice O’Donnell

Ann and Michael O’Rourke

Adeline and John O’Rourke

Maureen Orth

Mark Osterhaus

Martha L. Parmalee

Martha Pascual

Barbara A. Patocka

Maureen Patrick

Rev. Brian Paulson, S.J.

John P. Paxton

Jesuit Community, Pere Marquette 

David Perry

Mary Kelly Perschy

John Person

Catherine Matthews and Philip Pfeifer

Maria and Christopher Phelps

Kristin and Bruce Pickle

Marianna Pierce

Bernie Pistillo

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Robert Raymond Planthold

Kevin Plunkett

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Joann and Kent Porter

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Jill Raitt

N. and A. Ranjithan

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Margaret Green-Rauenhorst and Michael Rauenhorst

Robert Ravitz

Daniel Rearick

Maurice Reidy

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Pauline and William Reynolds

J. Timothy Rice

Cindy and Randy Rice

Christopher M. Ridmann

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Elisa and William Rizzo

Amanda M. Roberts

Dalfred Edward Ross

Barbara and Charles Rossotti

Mary Roy

Julie and Martin Rubio

Diana and J. David Russell

Mark Russo

Mary and Win Rutherfurd

Katherine Safford-Ramus

Edward Saito

Salesforce Foundation

Annelieske Sanders

Kenneth Sandoval

Santa Clara University

Terry Scelfo

Terry Scelfo

K.K. and J.L. Schmiegel

Mary and Christopher Schneider

William Schnieders

Kyle Michael Schwing

SCN Ministry Fund

Maria Scott

Ann and Daniel Selmi

Emily and Andrew Serazin

John J. Shay, Jr.

Richard Shea

Mary Pat and Edward Sherry

Barbara and Roy Simms

Patricia and John Simonds

Alison and Clayton Sinyai

Sisters of Providence of Mother Joseph Province

Natalie L. Sivak

Francis X. Smith

Louis and Mary Kay Smith Family Foundation

Marilynn and Denny Snider

Marilyn Page and Joe Snyder

William J. Spataro

Pamela T. Spellman

Kristy and Justin Sporrer

Mary Gabrielle Sprague

St. Aedan Church

St. Andrew Catholic Church

Jesuit Community, St. Ignatius Dependent

St. Ignatius of Loyola Church

St. Mary’s College Notre Dame

Jesuit Community, St. Peter 

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish

Kenneth E. Stevens

Jane and James Strenski

Sullivan and Taylor Charitable Fund

Mary Anne and Eugene Sullivan

Susan R. and John W. Sullivan Foundation

Anna Maria and Thomas A. Sweeney

Patricia and Walter Szopiak

Anthony Tambasco

Peter Tanous

Dona and John Tarpey

Mary Jane A. Terrell

Nancy O’Keefe and Frank Thomas

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Joan Rosenhauer and Robert Vasilak

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James Walton

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Richard and Sherril Weil

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Jeanne Anderson-West and David West

Jesuit Community, White House Retreat 

Agnes Williams

Steven Lewis Williams

Stephanie and Kurt Wimmer

Janice and Edward Wohlleb

Margaret Chin-Wolf and Thomas Wolf

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Kathryn and William Wolff

Joann and Victor Wright

Judith and Michael Wurdock

Sylvia Xeras

Gail S. Valenson and John D. Yesso

Janet and Bill Zaccarelli

Marilyn and Richard Zande

John C. Ziegler

Kathleen M. Yadrick and Francis Zipple

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Bellarmine Society 

Miriam and David Achenbach

Air Force Chaplain Corps

John  J. Albosta

T. Alexander Aleinikoff

Kathryn and Thomas Anderson

Anonymous (3)

Richard Arena

Linda Arnold

Lauren and Andres Arteaga

Bassim Assioun

Joan M. Barron

Maureen Baynes

Barbara and Paul Becker

Sharon Durgin and Thomas Bednarz

Jane and Kevin Belford

Robert W. Bentley

Barbara Berman

Myrna Kcomt and Prosper Bernard Jr.

Philipp James Bischoff

Clare and Michael Bonsignore

Boston College

Linda Boudewyns

Haifa and Gabby Bourghol

Keith Bourgoin

Laura and Kevin Brady

Judy and Curtis Brand

Carole A. Breslin

David M. Bridges

Diane and Richard Buchta

Geoffrey Burrill

Marion E. Burry

Dawn and Tino Calabia

Campion Residence and Renewal Center

Anne and Ray Capestrain

Patricia and Daniel Carey

Martha Carlough

William Carroll

Maureen Casey

Catholic Diocese of Youngstown

Anne and Robert Cekuta

Caitlin and Mark Chicu

Clarke Cochran

Nancy and Tom Coles

Jeanne Colford

Paul Colford

College of the Holy Cross - Office of the Chaplains

Michael VanZandt Collins

Mary Jane Collopy

Susan Collopy

Colombiere Community

John R. Connolly

Nicholas Connors

Carol H. and Joe Corgan

Joseph Corrigan

Mary Lynn J. Corwin

Cullen Magis Foundation

Carlos L. Curbelo

Kathleen Curran

Maria P. DaCosta

Lisa and Frederick Dalton

Hoa Dang

Patrick J. Dauterive

Jean de Becdelievre

Laura de Boisblanc

David DeCosse

Patricia and Richard Del Bello

Sharon and Gary DeRosa

Ann S. Dickson

Martha and Paul Diehl

Scott P. Dilworth

Jesse Dittmar

Anna M. Dobler

Harry B. Drazkowski

Jane Driscoll

Jim Drysdale

Warren Duclos

Glenda Woolf and James Dunn

John Ebersole

Kathryn and Dale Elmenhurst

Maureen Engeler

Ronel Enrique

Fathers and Brothers of Maryknoll

Barbara Fay

Robert Ferrara

Terrence Le Fevour

Amy E. Flood

Fordham University

Claire Foster

Michael Frain

Rebecca and Jacques Gagne

Maureen Gallagher

Teresa Gallagher-Bell

Mary Patrick and John Garate

Amy and Omar Garcia

Charles Garten

Elizabeth and Robert Garver

Diana Gaskins

Susan A. Ross and William George

Nick Ghaffarian

Roberta and George Gilbert

John P. Giraudo

Denise Gorss

Mary Kathryn Anderson and Warren Gould

Edmund Griesedieck

Coleen Halloran

Brian Harper

Catherine Harroun

John Hart

James Hathaway

Patrick Haveron

David Heatwole

Joel Hellman

Charlie Hennessy

Robert Hernandez

Janice and Richard Hezel

Luz Lenis and Wael Hibri

Anne Hocking

Kenneth L. Holehouse

Patricia and William Houghton

Rita Louise Houlihan

Isabel and Charles Hughes

Steven Huntoon

Mary E. Hurson

Patrick Hyland

Jean-Louis Ikambana

Pamela Janson

Ravalli Jesuit Community of Montana

Jesuit Community, Rockhurst 

Jesuit Community, University of Detroit Mercy

Jesuit Retreat House Community

Andrew Jeung

Joseph’s Way

Julianne and Titus Kaphar

Maureen and Michael Keeney

Joseph H. Kelly

Thomas Knauer

Patti Knudsen

Gerald Kocmich

Paula Koehler

Susan L. and Eric Koetting

The Kopp Family Foundation, Inc.

John Kotre

Katherine and Edward Kovach

Patric Kuh

Bobbie Landry

Anne and Neal Laurance

Constance Dora Leigh

Megan Lesczynski

Chip Lindsay

LMEPAC Charity Program Custodial Account

Bruce Lowry

Emily and Chris Lund

Jayne and Warren Lux

Charles B. Lynch

Kathleen and Raymond Lyon

Helen and William Lyons

The Lyons Family Fund

Margaret Macchetto

Peters Magnaye

Rosemary M. Maloney

Peggy Manning- Meyer

Richard Marquez

Patricia Martano

Ricardo Martija

Kenneth May

Angela McBride

Joan and Robert McCabe

Sabrina Mccarthy

Bernard McCrickard

Diane and Fred McGoldrick

John G. McGoldrick

Christopher McGuigan

Daniel McKeever

Kent McKeever

Troy Mckenzie

Clare and Francis McLaughlin

Kevin McShane

Ellen and James Measday

Thomas J. Mellon

Elizabeth and Arthur Messiter

Jeanmarie and Gene Messner

Carol and Bill Mitchell

George Mitchell

Linda and William Mitchell

Terence Moore

Vanessa and Corey Moran

Kimberly Morgan

The Morrison & Foerster Foundation

William Muckerman

Mary Mulherin

Don J. Murphy

J. and J. Murphy Family Foundation

Margaret and Charles Nastro

Diana and John Negroponte

The News Corporation Foundation

Jon Nilson

Thunia and Wassim Nona

Margarita Clarens and Thomas M. Noone

Kevin O’Brien

Stephen Ochs

Ryan O’Connell

Brian M. O’Connor

Joseph O’Doherty

Antal P. Oroszlany

Eileen Cooney and Tony Oroszlany

Casey H. Oswald

Our Lady of Victory Church

Charles Palmer

Mary and John Paone

Anne and Roy Pardee

Parish Evaluation Project

Natalie and Travis Patton

John R. Payne

Carla Pehowski

Dolores K. Perlow

Matthew R. Peroutka

Ann Marie and Kenneth Peters

Roger W. Peters

Mary M. Peterson

Laura M. Pliska

Angelia Poon

Donna Price

Vincent Puccia

Robert Pyne

Paul Rager

The Rainis Family Foundation

Linda Ramchand

Kimberly and Guy Randles

Jeffrey Rauenhorst

Pamela Rector

Dr. Elaine Rendler

M.K. Richardson

Grace and Harry Rissetto

Joshua Ritter

Nancy and Martin Robb

John A. Roda

Julie L. Rodriguez

Caroline and Christopher Roe

Carmen Romero

Scott Rose

Rovi Guides, Inc.

James Rudden

Jennifer Ruffing

Luke H. Ryan

Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House

Pedro Salomao

Gary Sander

John P. Schmidt

Veronica Schroeder

Gerard J. Schulte

Victoria R. Schultz

Mei Leng and Stephen Schwarzbek

Aaron Schwoebel

Maria Sever

Eileen Shields West

Joan F. Smyth

Rosemary Sokas

St. Aloysius Church

St. Ignatius Church

St. Ignatius Loyola School

St. Joseph Church - Seattle, WA

Jesuit Community, St. Michael’s Parish

Beth Cross and Tony Stayner

Ann Beth Stebbins

Mary and Gregory Stephen

Michael Stockman

Gail C. Sullivan

Anne Tarbell

George Alan Tarr

Donna and Joseph Tierney

Mary Jean Tisdale

Dave Tobey

Susan M. and Marcello B. Todaro

Jennifer A. Larson and John F. Traverse

Dolores and Richard Tunney

Paula Tusiani-Eng

Jane and Francis Vardy

L. M. Vaughan

Carlos Villa

Madelyn and Andrew Von Eschenbach

Christine Walczyk

Maureen Wallin

Walsh Jesuit High School

Mary and Matthew Walter

Rev. Donald Ward, S.J.

Sheridan Warden

Steven Weissenburger

Rosemary and Joseph Weller

Diane E. White

Lawrence Wiederholt

Catherine Wolfe

Christine and William Wolfe

Nora Yochim

Jeffrey Zerda

Myriam Zukoski

Karen Zwier 


Thank you to all of our supporters who made gifts through the Combined Federal Campaign. (CFC 10148)

Mary Baran

William Barr

Michele Bouziane

Michael Breslin

Sean Callahan

Stefanie Costello

Joseph Daus

Robert Denny

Evan Dineen

David Elizondo

Patricia Evans

Jennifer Evert

Peter Furka

Lynnette Harms

Ellen Harrison

Susan and Nicholas Inzeo

Jacquelyn Karpovich

Timothy Kelly

Stephen Kochersperger

Michael Lacinak

Gabriel Lai

Sandra Lovinguth

Manny Macalalad

Cheryl Madlansacay

Aubri Masterson

Joseph Meisenheimer

Nicole Rosich

Kevin T. Sarsok

Nicholas Schmidt

Ann Marie Skov

William Towell

Diego Valenzuela

Thank you to all of our supporters who made gifts to the Global Education Initiative over the last 4 years.



APCO Worldwide, Inc.*

Joan Baez*

Rita and Martin Bennett

Brandi Carlile*

Molly and Stephen Cashin

Steve Earle*

The Frankel Family Foundation

Emmylou Harris*


Christopher Lacovara

Madeline and Philip Lacovara

Ladies of Bethany

Dave Matthews*

Audry and Tom Morrow

Thomas S. Murphy

Kate and Robert Niehaus

Robert Plant*

Watoto Read (Claudine Leary)



Akin Gump Strauss Hauer and Feld LLP*

Dr. Bronner's Family Foundation

Lila Downs* 

Patty Griffin* 

Nancy and Bill Hetzel

Rosalie J. and C. Daniel Maldari Family Charitable Foundation

Judy and David McNulty

Warmenhoven Family Foundation

Lucinda Williams* 


Creighton University Jesuit Community

Arthur S. DeMoulas

Cathrin Hetam Brisken and G. Paolo Dotto

Betsy and Peter Forster

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Alexander Leff

Monica and Frank McCourt

James McMurtry* 

Stephen (Buddy) Miller* 

The Mustard Seed Foundation

Judy and Kent Newton

June T. Peters

Suzanne Polen

The Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities

Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Skyville Live, LLC

Jill Szawara

Lidia and Danilo Tramontozzi

Walt Disney Company



Alberto and Olga Beeck Family Foundation

Joan R. Benzie

Janice and Robert Billingsley

Mary Challinor

Janet and Bill Dickey

Educated Refugee Foundation

Francene E. Evans

Tony Fitzpatrick*

Gilbert Ford*

The Hamilton

Margaret and Robert Helm

William Hewitt

Shirley Hurta

Jesuit Community, Dallas, TX

Jesuit Community, St. Ignatius Loyola

Jesuit Community, Western North Carolina

Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus

Jeanne-Marie and Ralf Kraemer

Carl C. Landegger

Jim Lauderdale* 

The Mastersons* 

Ohrstrom Foundation

Courtney and R. Scott Pastrick

David Pulkingham* 

Thomas F. Schlafly

Alynda Segarra* 

Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston

Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus

St. Therese Catholic Church

Lila and Brendan Sullivan

John Vatterott

Karen Wang and Michael Celio


Anonymous (3)

Dan Beane

M. William Benedetto

Jane Genster and John Buckley

Mary† and John D. Buffington

Elizabeth and Richard Cashin

Mrs. Julie Cawley

Clyde's Restaurant Group*

Diane and Jerry Cunningham

Nancy and David O. Danis

C. Maury Devine

Stephanie Gamble

Julie and Pat Garvey

Georgetown University

Amy and Philip Goldman

Hariri Foundation USA

Pierre Hegy

Ken Horn

Jesuit Community, Jesuit Spirituality Center

Jesuit Community, St. Ignatius, CA

Arend and Onisoa Kouwenaar

Alex Kovech

Marcella and Robert Lachance

Kathi and Thomas Loughlin

Loyola Marymount University

Mary and John Lynch

Jane and Dennis McAuliffe

Karen Donato and John W. McGrath

MGR Foundation

Emily Minton

Mary Beth and Michael Morell

Angela and Francis Mueller

Maureen Orth

Martha Pascual

Jill Raitt

Maureen C. Rhodes

Jeanette Weaver Ruesch

Jenae and Matthew Ruesch

Katherine Safford-Ramus

Saint Louis University

Santa Clara University

The Semper Charitable Foundation Inc.

Silver Oak Cellars

Sisters of the Precious Blood - Dayton, OH

St. Francis Xavier Church, Missoula, MT

St. Joseph Church

Starbucks Coffee Company

Douglas M. Steenland

University of San Francisco

Vaxeal, PLC

Shirley and James Walker

Wells Fargo Private Bank

The Windhover Foundation

Rev. Ronald E. Wozniak, S.J.



Olayinka Akisanya

Bob Almeida

Imad Alsakaf

Anonymous (9)

Richard Arena

Linda Arnold


The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities

Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley

Olivia and William Baker

Anja and Thomas Banchoff

Gay and Tony Barclay

Joan M. Barron

Constance U. Battle

Nils Behnke

Bellarmine College Preparatory

Barbara Berman

Robert L. Berner

Vince M. Bertram

Jane Bloom

Patricia and John Bomalaski

Armando Borja

Michèle and James Bowe

Gail Griffith and John Brady

Loretta J. Brady

John Brenkle

Anna Brown

Steven Buffone

Kathleen Browning

Fran and Frank Butler

Guillermina and Michael Byrne

Antonieta and Jorge Caicedo

Margaret Callen

Shirley A. Canales†

Anne and Ray Capestrain

Linnea Nilsen and Daniel Capshaw

Jill Marker and Rodolfo Casasola

Mary Cashin

Katherine and Jerry Castro

Catholic Health Association of the United States

Clement Chee

Juliette and Karl Christensen

Patricia Franco and Charles Clark

Nancy Ripp Clark

Daniel Coleman

Victoria and Mark Collins

David B. Conner

John Connolly

Cheryl and John Coogan

Dan Corcoran

Nicholas DeCarlo

Donna N. DeGarcia

Ellin and Ronald Delsener

Joan and Renato DeSantis

Ann S. Dickson

Anna M. Dobler

Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids

James R. Doyle

Ann M. and Paul Drzewiecki

Clare and John Drzewiecki

Hillary Easom

Mildred Edwards

Exelon Foundation

Amy and William Ferron

Gwendolyn and Austin Fragomen

Paul A. Frank

Anisya and Lynn Fritz

FSC Foundation

Roy A. Galan

Joseph L. Galanick

Teresa Gallagher-Bell

Theresa and Bruce Gallemore

Mary Patrick and John Garate

Joseph Garcia

Lynn Garvey

Michael J. Garvey

Diana Gaskins

Camille Gaspard

Anna and Tom Gerrity

Mary and Jim Gilroy

Jenny H. Go

Gonzaga College High School

Brian Gray

Bradley Charitable Fund

Patrick Griffin

The Gail and Harry Grim Foundation

Daniel Gustafson

Michelle Hanafiah

Deborah A. Harding

James Colin Harding

Mary Ellen Heinze

Yvonne and Joseph Hillings

Catherine Hirsch

David Hochberg

Gary R. Hubbard

Jean-Louis Ikambana

Assaad Joseph Jabre

The Jesuit Community at St. Alphonsus House

Jesuit Community, Holy Trinity Parish

Jesuit Community, San Diego, CA

Jesuit Community, St. Peter's

Joan G. Johnson

Sharon Lee Jones

Elinor L. Josenhans

Jeffrey M. Kamradt

Kapani Family Charitable Foundation

Julianne and Titus Kaphar

Matthew R. Katrein

Catherine and Kevin Kelly

Ginna and Richard Kelly

John Komes

Andrey Kostyuk

Robert Koszarek

Susan Kresse

Grace Ladouce

Joan Lange

Susan Larkin

Don F. Law

Thomas P. LeClair

David J. Lesar

Nancy E. Lindsay

Audrey Louison

Matt, Denise, Declan and Aidan Lynch

Nancy Klein Maguire

Kathleen Maledon

Janet and Ryan Manzullo

Kimberly and Michael Marsh

Catherine and David Marsten

Gregory Martin

Christopher L. McClure

Larry McConville

The McGrath Group

Lynn and Anthony McGuire

Nadine M. McIntosh

Jane and James McLean

Ellen and James Measday

Mark Medish

Angela and Louis Menard

Therese M. Mierswa

Linda and William Mitchell

Mark Morsheimer

George Muehlbauer

Robert O. Muller

Anne Murphy

Stephen Murphy

Thunia and Wassim Nona

USA Northeast Province of the Society of Jesus

Louise and Leo Norton

Jocelyn O'Brien

The Elva and Lawrence O'Brien Family Trust

Margaret Rafferty and Timothy O'Connor

Polly Ogden

Janice M. O'Malley

Karyn Page

Benedict A. Pagnano

Dita H. and Al Pepin

Mary Kelly Perschy

Maria and Christopher Phelps

Kimberly L. Phinney

Kristin and Bruce Pickle

Katherine Pientka

Bobby J. Pittman

William Plante

Robert Raymond Planthold

Audrey Louison Pod

Maureen and James Power

Linda Ramchand

N. and A. Ranjithan

Charles D. Rauch

Margaret Green-Rauenhorst and Michael Rauenhorst

Regis Jesuit High School

Elaine J. Rendler

John Roberto

Julia Rosica

Barbara and Robert Rosiello

Barbara and Charles Rossotti

Lucy S. Adams and James H. Rowe

Lauren and Cayce Roy

Diana and John David Russell

Jennifer Schneider

Leslie Sellers

Noreen and Terrence Shaughnessy

Susan Shay

Barbara and Roy Simms

Alison and Clayton Sinyai

Thomas W. Smith

St. Aloysius Church

St. Francis Xavier Church, Kansas City, MO

St. Ignatius Church

St. Ignatius College Prep

St. Xavier High School

Ana Canales and Bruce Streblow

Pedro and Hilda Suarez

Susan R. and John W. Sullivan Foundation

Deborah Sweek

Joseph H. Sweeney

Patricia and Walter Szopiak

Peter Tanous

Rudy Torrico

Karla and Joseph Townley

Jennifer A. Larson and John F. Traverse

Kathryn and Michael Trentacoste

Melanne and Philip Verveer

Villa Javier Residence and Community

Wailuku Marianist Community

Joanne and Bill Wallace

Philip Ward

Richard and Sherril Weil

John Weinstock

Stephen Weiswasser

Beth and John Werwaiss

Richard P. West

Agnes Williams

Stephanie and Kurt Wimmer

Darrell Zeller

John C. Ziegler

Mary and Thomas Zlatic


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Claver Society 

Kathryn and W. Shepard Abell

Sean Adcroft

Ruth Mullowney-Agra and Anthony Agra

Mary Ahland

Gabriele Albarosa

Alfred Albers

John T. Albosta

Roenna Alegre

Kevin Almeida

Kathryn Anderson

Barbara H. Andolsen

Mike Andriatch

Rev. David L. Andrus, S.J.

Connie Anestis

Joan and Ed Ang

Anonymous (11)

Jean and Jan Anthony

Joseph G. Antkowiak

Pattie and Joe Antonelli

Liza and Bryan Apper

Ralph Applebaum

Kathryn Appler

John Ardner

Cecilia Arnold

Angelina and Ralph Arvizu

Elizabeth A. Asaro


Steve Atallah

Dale and Thomas Auffenberg

Evelyn Herzog and John Baesch

Erin Kathleen Bahl

Catherine Bain

Joan and Charles Baker

Michael Baland

Ginny Baldwin

Rocky Balsamo

Balthazar & Rose

Edward Balzarini

Phyllis Sheehan Bambeck

Marie Bannister

Julianne and Harry Baram

Scheznarda and Stephen Barbas

Rachel Barber

Thomas J. Bartolomei

Janet K. Battiste

Ruth Burson

Judith and Stephen Beall

Kristine Beebe

Rev John J. Begley S.J.

Vincent J. Beirne

Karen Bellitto

Katherine Bellows

Benedictine Foundation at Washington DC

Brian Robert Bennett

Mary Lou Bennington

Martha Benson

Rev. Peter J. Bernardi, S.J.

Sarah Bernstein

Scott Bernstein

Kathleen and Thomas J. Billings

Drew Bilotta

James Blaszak

Robert P. Blereau

Thomas J. Bliley

Michael Bloom

John Boatright

Virginia Boggs

Dori and Trent Bolling

Mariann and William Bolton

Lori Bonvino

Karen Boore

M. Jean Boston

Martha S. Boucher

Ellen M. Bourbon

Michael J. Bourque

Christina Bowen

Brian G. Boyland

Jonathon Braden

Jane Braun

Marcia A. Bredar

Douglas Breeckner

Suzanne Bregman

Linda and John Brennan

Rachel Brennan

Robert M. Brennan

Monique Briend-Walker

Leonore Briloff

Maureen and Earl Britt

Sherrill Britton

Worthington K. Bromley

Joseph Brouch

Jeanne and Mark Brown

Sheila and Wallace Brown

BTR Capital Management, INC.

Donald Buchal

Patricia Rossman and Charles Buck

Carl L. Bucki

Joan and Charles F. Buckley

Linda and Joseph Buehler

Lourdes Buenaventura

Cheryl and Brian Bunch

George W. Bur

Buras Family Living Trust

Christine and Michael Burch

Timothy Burke

Mary and William Burke

Gerald H. Burns

Susan M. Burns

Dolores and David Burroughs

Helen M. Bursley-Fournier

Robert Busch

Francisco J. Bustillo

John T. Bycraft

Mara Byrne

Marlena Byrne

Michael Cachat

Mary Alice and Michael Cahir

Nicholas A. Calamusa

Charles Calhoun

Claire and Robert Callen

Mark Canales

Marta Canales

Vincent Cannamela

Virginia J. Cannon Trust

Robert F. Capalbo

Carlos Eduardo Cardenas

Emily and Roderick Carmody

Christine Carroll

Susan Carter

Thomas Carty

Eva W. Casey

Patricia Casey

Daniel Castleman

Cecile Ehrmann and Rolando Castro

Ruggero Caterini

Anastasia and Joseph Cates-Carney

The Catholic University of America

Robert V. Cazayoux

Margaret Cekuta

Nancy E. Chalela

Alex Chan

Barbara Charles

Mei Leng Cheng

Yosuke Chikamoto

Joy and Gerald Choppin

Timothy Chorba

Elizabeth Chudy

Church of the Incarnation

Karyn Citti

Richard Clark

Anne E. Cody

Frank J. Cody

Millard Coffin

Elisa T. Colas

R.A. Colberg

Susan Collinge

Catherine Collins

Grace and Gerard Collins

Patricia Collins

Angel Rafael Colon

Sally and Tom Coman

Michael E. Coney

Charles Conlon

David B. Conner

Matt Connolly

Eileen P. Connors

Colleen B. Conroy

Linda and Donald Conroy

John Joseph Conway

Michael M. Conway

P. Michael Conway

Rosemary and Bernard Cook

Jean Marie Cooper

Marianne R. Corrou

Kevin Corydon

Nicholas Courtney

Maureen E. Coyle

Sheila T. Crain

Joseph F. Cramer, Jr.

Joseph Cramer

A. Paul Cravedi

Caroline K. Crooks

Mary Kay Crowther

Kathleen and John Cullen

Kathryn and John Cullinan

Nancy and Michael Cummings

Patricia Cummings

Blanca Cummins

Deirdre Curran

Lauren P. Curry

Christopher D'Ablemont

Patricia Dahl

Francine Trep Dale

Ronald D'Amico

Monica L. Dang

Kathleen Daniels

Mark Danis

Daughters of the Holy Spirit

Jacob David

Sabina E. and Glen R. Davis

Virginia Day

Katherine De George

John A. de la Vallée

Rosario De Leon

Sharon Yvonne Thomas and Constance V. Dean

Michael Joseph Deasy

Roslyn DeGregorio

Ariel Del Rosario

Ann and Edward Delaney

William Delaney

Alma Deleon

John A. D'Elia

Deirdre Dempsey

Jerome Dennis

Manuela Deorsola

Ruthann R. DePonio

Joan and Renato DeSantis

Rosemarie and James Devivo

Donna Devlin

Jennifer B. Diaz-Arrastia

Daniel Diliberti

Chris Dinh

Ky Dang Dinh and Thuy Kim Vu

Michele DiPiano

Peter Dixon

Marilyn C. A. Dodd

Joan C. Dolan

Mary Dolan

Michelle and Steve Dolge

Leslie and Richard Donahue

Veronica Donahue

Steven P. Donald

Elizabeth Donnelly

Margaret Donohue

Kathleen Donovan

Melinda Brown Donovan

M. Kathleen Dougherty

Sophie Dowling

Colloquy Downeast

Michael Draz

Janet and Leo Dressel

Judith Hoy and Robert DuBrul

Mary and James Dudley

Michael Due

Diana and John Duffey

Lois F. and Daniel P. Duffy

Catherine A. Dummer

Mary and Anthony Dunleavy

Clare Dunsford

Minette Duran

Brian Durkin

Janet Ingraham and Andrew Dwyer

Susan Anderson Eakle

Elizabeth Early

Elizabeth Early

Jacob Edick

Tony Ehrbar

Catherine and Michael Elia

Rev. Msgr. William Elliott

Lara Ericson

Mary Anne Ernst

Warren Von Eschenbach

Denise and John Esmerado

Ana P. Espina

Eileen and Anthony Essaye

Cecilia Esteves

Michael Estrera

Annette and Scott Etnyre

Colleen and Edward Evert

John F. Ewens

Lana Faber

Joyce and Leo Fahey

Sean Fahey

Kelly Fairweather

James J. Fallon

Kathleen and Kieran Fallon

M. Patricia Fallon

Anna Famador

Rev. Robert Fambrini, S.J.

Diane and Peter Fanelli

Jeremy Fauber

Veronica Faust

Elena Fazio

Veronica and Brian Felix

Joan and James Felling

Bill Fellows

Kamla Fennimore

Sandra and John Ferraro

Pat Ferreri

Linda and Richard Ferrero

Bruce M. Filak

Anne Fildes

Marybeth and Matthew Filice

Neil Filosa

Maureen and Harvey Finkelstein

Gerald F. Finnegan

Ellen Fishman

Brigid Fitzgerald

Robert Fitzgerald

George F. Fitzpatrick

Kathryn V. Fitzsimmons

Micaela K. Floess

Marilyn and Charles Flynn

Nancy S. Fontenot

Steven D. Fought

Kathleen Fowler

John Gilmore Fox

John Fox

Jeanne Franklin

Barbara and Joseph Fredrick

William T. Free, Jr.

Brigid Frein

Colleen Frey

Elizabeth A. Friedhoff

Kathleen Friel

Mark Fucile

Patricia Fuller

Chahira Kozma Gabriel and Samir Aziz Gabriel

Myriam and Munir Gabriel

Kate Gaertner

Mary Pat Gaffneys

Juan A. Galan, Jr.

Jennifer M. Gale

Michael William Gambone

Rosalie M. Gansecki

Bridget and Robert M. Garavaglia

Yvonne and David Garcia

Mark Gardeski

Stephen Gardner

Stanley C. Garnett

Michael J. Garvey

Donald Gawronski

Henry Geib

Mimi Gendreau

The Germanese Family Foundation

Patricia Geuting

Audrey and Don Geyer

Eugene Giannini

Elizabeth and Brian Gilleran

Francis P. Gillespie

Laura K. Gillikin

William Ginivan

Barbara and Robert Ginn

Gary D. Giombi

Fabrizio Giulio

Ann and John Glennon

Global Campaign For Education

Benedicte Gnangnon

John J. Godfrey

Lois Gomez

Pamela A. and John H. Goodwin

Horace C. Gordon

Robert Gorman

Mary D. Grab

Cheryl and John Grandy

Theresa M. Grass

Amanda and William Green

James Greenberg

Maria and Frank Grimminger

Daniel D. Grippo

James T. Gross

Donna and Stephen Gross

Christy and Jim Gudaitis

Michele and Daniel Gunther

Irene and John Gyori

Victor Haburchak

Marcia and Jorge Hadad

Ann Haddad

Joseph Haddad

Toni and Joe Hamera

Mary Pope-Handy and Jim Handy

Joseph M. Hankins

Penny Kosick Hanks

William T. Hanlon

Tom Hann

Dennis Hanratty

Robert Hansen

Patricia Hardesty

James Colin Harding

Shannon Harper-Bison

Angela Harrigan

Janice E. Harris

Nancy J. Harris

Robert Hart

Jane and Davis Hartwell

Patricia and Robert Hasenstab

Joseph M. Hassett

Katja Wiemer

John P. Haughton

Rosemary Hawkins

Sheila Hayes

Tom Hayes

Jeanne and Michael Haynes

Jane and Daniel Head

Roslyn Gill Heafitz

Candra Healy

Margaret and Daniel Hebert

Mary Ann Heckman

Laura Heil

Charles B. Heinlen

Susan H. Hellstrom

Thomas Helmick

Shannon Ransom Hendricks

Susan Henry

Norbert Hermes

Margaret and Willibald Herzog

Lillian Hess

Libera Avitabile and Thomas M. Hinchen

Julie Hirschler

Emmet Hogan

Laura Hollinrake

Kenneth Homan

Karen and Paul Homer

Wen Chyi Shyu and James Hook

Mary Anne and David Hoover

Maria and Richard Horwitt

Stephanie Hotard

Virginia Hough

Joan and James H. Howard

Louise Howe

Linda Wiessler-Hughes and Michael Hughes

Christopher Humphrey

Mary and Thomas Hutchison

IBM Employee Services Center

Susan and Nicholas Inzeo

Pat and George Irwin

Jennifer and Jon Israelson

Heather Jacobs

Brendan Derick January

Jesuit Community, Jogues Retreat Center

Jesuit Community, Loyola House

Jesuit Community, Loyola, LA

Jesuit Community, McQuaid, NY

Jesuit High School of Portland, OR

Lauren Johannesson-McCoy

Judith A. Johnson

Anita Kernie and Steve Johnson

Patricia and Timothy Johnson

Mary Ann and Richard Johnston

E. B. Jones

Gerald Jones

Robert Jones

Mary Elizabeth and Albert Jonsen

Patrick Jordan

Elinor L. Josenhans

Charles Joseph

Elizabeth Joseph

Carolyn M. and William Joyce

Mary Juliano

Eric Jundt

Caitlin Jutca

Jeffrey Kaczka

Linda and Ed Kaiel

Marshall Kaiser

Lobina Kalam

Mary and Joseph Kalista

Frank T. Kaminski

Phyllis H. Kaminski

Jeffrey M. Kamradt

Julia and Christopher Kane

Anne and Kevin Kane

Helen and Gene Katz

Richard Keeley

Christopher Keeney

Caroline and John Kelleher

David Kelley

Laurie Kelley

Mary L. Kelley

Anne Kelly

Conor Kelly

James Kelly

Jennifer Kelly

Sabina Fischer

Thomas F. Kelly

Cynthia Kennedy

Lydia and Thomas Kennedy

Ellen and Andrew Kentz

R. Howard Kerney

Joan M. Kerrigan

Key Travel Inc.

Rana Khoury

Christopher King

Mary Louise King

Artemis Kirk

Juliann Kirk

John Klause

Benjamin Klay

Marie-Therese Klay

Philip William Klay

Nancy D. and A. Michael Klein

Dennis G. Klosterman

Stephen Kmiotek

G. Thomas Koester

Jean Korte

Kathleen Koszarek

Mary J. Koszarek

Olga Kozlova

Kenneth R. Krall

Carol Krasovec

Gracjan Anthony Kraszewski

Patricia and William Krause

Kristo Rai Church

Rosemary E. Krsak

Margaret and Edward Kruse

Susan Krzos

Madonna Kuciejczyk-Kernan

Anne Kunkle

Diane M. Kvilesz

Dolores Egger Labbe

Eugene R. Laczniak

Cheryl T. LaFlame

Michael J. Lagas

Anne Lally

Audrey L. Lam

Joan Lange

Laura J. Lange

Vincent A. Lapomarda

Maria Lauricella

Monica Lavia

James P. Lawless

Mary Rose LeBaron

Jean and Robert E. Lefebvre

Angelyn Legaspi

Debra Smith

Eric Leis

Sharon M. Leon

Michael Levins

Madeline T. Liefl

Eileen and Martin Lilly

Judith A. Linden

Grace Link

Brenda Dickens Lipkowitz

Annette Lomont

Adam Long

Kathleen Long

Lois A. Lorentzen

Edward G. Loughlin

Anne Marie and John Lounibos

Jerry Love

Monique and Robert Lowd

Loyola University Chicago

Pam and Dennis Lucey

Jean M. Luchi

Anthony Stanley Lukaszewski

Michael Luzecky

Elyse Lyons

Joan MacDonnell

Margaret MacDonnell

Colin MacDougall

Jose Maceda

Leticia and John Macleod

Anne and George Madaus

Marlene A. Maddalone

Michael Madsen

Kevin Magner

Ashley Mahne

Regina Mahony

Carol Maimone

Thomas Makarewicz

Kathleen A. Makoid

Kathleen Maledon

Mary Malley

Thomas L. Mallinger

Nora Maloy Charitable Fund

Denise Mamaril

Kateri Mancini

Aida and Moises Mandapat

Helen and Michael Mangan

Chandra Manning

Roy Marien

Marist Missionary Sisters

Katherine Marshall

Paul Martin

Richard Martin

Ellizabeth and Francisco Martorell

Gerald M. Masar

Mary and Mark Masterson

Stacia and William Masterson

Fernando Matas

Helen and Richard Mattis

Elizabeth Mayr

James F. Mazanec

James McCann

Mark D. McCarthy

William McCarthy

Joseph A. McCartin

Sylvia McCauley

Ian McCuaig

Rev. Brian O. McDermott, S.J.

Beth K. McDonald

Kelly P. McDonald

Alice and Charles McEnery

Sheila McGrail

Anthony E. McGuire

Chris J. McKeever

Kilda McKeever

Matthew McKeever

Stephen Timothy McKenney

Harriet Gail McKnight

Kathryn and Charles McLaren

Thomas McMahon

Helen McNeill

Patrick D. McNelis

Giulia McPherson

Dorothy and William McSweeney

Mary Anne McTiernan

Kathy and Scott McWilliams

Carolyn Meehan

Christopher Meehan

Joanne Meehan

Jacob Meerman

Richard F. Mehlinger

Angela and Louis Menard

Danila Mendoza

Eric Mendoza

Anne Broussard and Andrew Merz

Marcus Mescher

Therese Messmer

Jeffrey Metzger

Anne Meynor

Alan Joseph Miceli

Judy and Michael Michalek

Mauro Micheli

Robert Milkovich

Anne Boardman Miller

Crete Anne Miller

Clare and Forrest Miller

Deborah Mills

Donald M. Millus

William F. Miracky

Susan T. and Charles J. Misiaveg

Kristin Miskella

Annmarie Mitchell

Colleen Mitchell

Moira Modzelewski

Colette Abissi and Steve Monaghan

Magdalena K. Mooers

Frances Moon

Heejung Moon

James Moore

Anne Marie and Dennis Morgan

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Kathy and Chris Moroney

Edward N. Morris

Eileen Weckerle Morris

Ralph Morrison

Barbara Morrissey

Very Rev. Brian Morrow, V.F.

John H. Morse

Criscelda Perez Mortimore

Jessica Morton

Anna Morzinski

Yasmin and Bahman Mossavar-Rahmani

Carol L. Mournighan

Abdullah Hanna Moussa

Ileana Moyano

Nicolette Mueller

Patricia and Patrick Mullaney

John P. Muller

Godfrey Mungal

Leonard M. Muni

Audry and Louis Munin

Colin Murphy

Michael Murphy

Tricia Murphy

James Murray

Mary Murray

Paula Murray

Matthew Vincent Naidu

Rajan Daniel Narang

Joe Naylor

Mary and Edward Naylor

Norwood Nedom

Edward C. Neely

Mary and Robert Nespeco

New England Province

Melanie Newbrough

Nga Nguyen

Shelly B. Nicotra

G. Michael Nidiffer

Samir Nissan

Mairead T. Nolan

Maureen Filter and Thomas Nolan

Dave Nona

Jinja and Mike Nonn

Claire and John Noone

Thomas Noone

Karen and P. Andrew Nousen

Marie Nowak

Nancy Nowalk

Donald Nugent

Carleen O'Brien

Kathleen O'Connell

Marianne and William O'Connell

John M. Odenbach

Deanna O'Donnell

Fred Ogden

Polly Ogden

Tracy O'Heir

Joseph Olah

Peter Olsson

Michael O'Neil

William Gordon O'Neill

Lloyd E. Opoka

Karin L. O'Reilly

Christopher G. O'Rourke

Arthur J. Oshea

Diane and Chris O'Sullivan

Diana and Joseph O'Sullivan

Catherine and Robert O'Sullivan

John Paar

Trena and Augie Pacetti

Che Padron

Giovanni Palacardo

Linda A. Paradis-Carr

Rosemary Parker

Dorthea and Laurence Parrish

Susan Pascoe

Kathleen Passantino

Dicovich Patricia

M. San Miguel and James Paulson

Kathleen Pawlik

Melissa Pearlman

Mike Peck

Emily Pedneau

Carlo A. Pedrioli

Kerry and Paul Perez

Anthony Ralph Perri

Lucille Petermeier

Michael Peters

Michael Petrelli

Walter Petri

Rosemary and Steve Petruconis

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Mary and Brian Phelan

David A. Philbin

Elizabeth Piccirillo

Richard J. Pinsky

Franco Piona

Diana Hall and Tom Pipal

Karl S. Pister

Laura Pittenger

Sarah Poetzschke

Lucy Pollard-Gott

Mary Jane Ponyik

Gregory Potts

Kathleen M. Potts

Michael Pratt

Laina and Charles Prehm

Gail Presbey

Joanne and John Presper

Heather Price

Kelly Price

Nina and Jonathan Price

Princeton University

Rick Prindle

Susan M. Campbell and Mark D. Pugliese

Patricia C. Quayle

Eugene Frederick Quinn

Pam and Vincent Quinn

Ray Rafalik

Susan and Alex Ravnik

Kevin Ray

Shirley and John Read

Kristine Rebuck

Patricia H. Redavid

Nicholas Redchuk

Leon C. Redman

Jennifer Ann Redwitz

Jacqueline Regan

Dana D. Durfee and Joseph F. Reilly

William J. Reilly

Joaquina and Oswaldo Rey

James Reynolds

Maureen C. Rhodes

Marta Ricardo

Martina and Gregory Rickerd

Martina Rickerd

Sylvia Rincon

Christina Riquelmy

Margaret and Anthony Rizzo

Theodore R. Robb

Linda Roberto

Kirk Roberts

Marise Robertson

David C. Robinson

Donna Robinson

Mary M. Roda

Carol and Joseph Roeder

Amy and Jason Rogers

James V. Rohan

J. Michael Rohlfing

Patrick Rombalski

Paula Romeo

Paul F. Rooney

Sara Rooney

James Rosenhauer

Robert Rosenthal

Julia Rosica

Carol Rosiek

Janice M. Rossing

Karen M. Rossman

Nancy Roth and Annemary Roth

Helen Rothermich

John Rowan

Roxanne and Joseph Rubert

Anthony Rudy

Suzanne and John Rudy

Melissa Rovetto-Ruffner and David Ruffner

Diane Ruhland

Doreen Rusch

Patricia M. Russell

Rosemary G. Ryan

John Saam

Antonia R. Sacchetti

Sandra R. Salazar

Patrick M. Saluke

Lucio Sanchez

C. Dylan Sanders

Judy and William Sandquist

Aurora Santiago

Mary Beth and John Savage

Marta Hernandez Sayeed

Cheryl F. and Robert L. Schaefer

Gloria A. Schafer

Annette E. Schaut

Daniel Scheid

Thomas Scheurich

Nicholas Schiavone

John P. Schmidt

Rosemary Schmitt

Joan E. Schmitz

Catherine and Robert Schneider

Patricia J. Schulz

Susan and David Schwartz

Laurie and James Scott

Jo Ann Scott

Beth Sculley

Maureen M. Seabury

James Hogan Sealey

Leah and John Sealey

Seattle University

Stephen Sekel

Deborah Seme

Steven W. Semes

Diane and Roger Serzen

Richard Shaw

Michael J. Shawver

Elizabeth P. Shay

Susan Shay

Vincent Shay

Elaine M. Shea

Cliff Shultz

Robert Sigler

Kathleen A. Simar

Hank Simon

Nina Simon

Cheryl and John E. Sims

Young Sin and Joon Park

Kathryn Singer

Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters

Elaine H. and William P. Sisler

Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Mid Atlantic Community

Sisters of St. Dominic

The Sisters of St. Francis (Mount St. Francis)

Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace

Sisters of the Divine Savior

Sisters of the Humility of Mary

Sisters of the Most Precious Blood

Sisters of the Presentation

Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary South Dakota

Megan and Jordan Skarr

Mary Fellinger and R. Skip

Anne Smart

Barbara Smith

Lauren and Bradley Smith

Doris A. Smith

Geraldine Smolich

Benjamin Smyth

Helene Snyder

Mariah Snyder

Society of the Holy Child Jesus

Jean Ponder Soto

Gina Space

Brian Spadora

Rev. J. Michael Sparough, S.J.

Sandra Spellmann

Jane Ginsburg and George Spera, Jr

Gregory St. Arnold

St. Helena Montessori School

St. Joseph's University

Mary St. Ledger

St. Matthew's Cathedral

Jane and James Stacy

Sally Staff

Carl J. Stamm

Stephanie Stamm

Charlene Stender

Robert Stephen

John L. Stephens

Patrick Stewart

Jim Stickney

Harley Stokes

Walter O. Stowell

Holly Streblow

Karen and Stephen Stulck

Mariann and Gregory Stupka

Carole and Jeremiah Sugrue

Marek Sulich

Jennifer and Dermot Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan

Marie L. and Peter W. Sullivan

Frank Summers

Ann Connor and Edward Sunshine

Patrick Sutton

John August Swanson

Rob Taliercio

Maureen N. and Myron Tantum

Mary Sviklas Tanzer

Marco Tavanti

John Tavares

Don Taylor

Minda Te

Teresa and Viguen Ter-Minassian

Carl A. Teschemacher

Elisabeth Tetlow

Teri Thesing

Greg Thibodeaux

Mary Lou and Arthur Thivierge

Mary Harms and Michael Thompson

Rosemary S. Tiernan

John C. Tierney

Renee and Joseph Tierney 

Bernice Tietz

Jen and Matt Tilghman-Havens

Francis Toland

Mary Lou and Bill Toler

Richard Tonachel

Rudy Torrico

Elaine and James Tourtelotte

John Touwsma

Monica Tracey

Jason Trepanier

Jessica Trizna

Leo Troy

Kevin Tuerff

Rosemary G. Turco

Patricia and John Tweedy

United Way

Mary and Robert Vacek

Margaret and Charles Vail

Michael Vajgrt

Linda Vance

John Veron

Neil Ver'Schneider

Alexandra de Borchgrave

Francisco A. Villaronga

Gratzia Villarroel

Katie Viray

Lori Voakes

Christopher Vogt

Erika M. Voss

John Vu and Greg Ripa

Quynh Vu

Tien Vu

Elizabeth Wadium

Tressa Wahl

Paul Walczyk

Mary and Patrick Walsh

Regina Walsh

Walt Disney Foundation

Diane M. Warner

Mary Warren

Susan and James Watson

Anna and Jeffrey Weidell

Maureen Weierbach

Katrina Weinig

Merri Weir

Carol and John Welsh

Olivia Wendt

Gary Werkmeister

Julianne Werwaiss

William F. Werwaiss

Maureen Wesolowski

West Coast Companeros, Inc.

Thomas Weston

Meaghan E. Whalen

Monica and Fredric Wheeler

Sr. Joanne Whitaker

Richard White

Marjorie and Eugene Wiemels

Matthew Wilch

Elaine and Leon Wilczynski


Diane Willis

Patricia C. Willis

Frank M. Wilson

Bethany and James Wiser

Marcia A. Wiss

Elizabeth Wittschen

Emmett Wolfe

C. Johnson Wolff

Margaret Wollen-Olson

George William Wood

Claudia Woodward

Donna Wright

Xavier University

Dominick Yacono

Joseph Yacovone

Ken Yasunaga

Yvonne and Edwin Yaz

Elizabeth and Clifford Yeary

Peter Yorck

Mee Yin Mary Yuen

Maureen and Gary Zack

Dorothy Zammit

Keally D. McBride and John J. Zarobell

Diane and Ted Zawadski

Susan and Phil Zera

Barbara Zientek

Elisabeth Zylstra